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10 Dec

Who Stole My House? is a great children’s book that my little daughter and I enjoy reading together. It tells the story of a snail who takes off their shell to have a bath and then forgets where they’ve left it. A common problem, you can imagine.

Nature knows that the weight of a snail’s shell cannot be too heavy otherwise it would have disastrous consequences.

The same is true in car production and the engineers at Mazda have given it considerable thought with the Mazda 2, which weighs a tad over 1,000kg, almost 100kg lighter than Vauxhall’s Corsa.

temp4That sack of spuds difference leads the manufacturer to claim that its 1.3-litre petrol five-door hatchback will return 56mpg as its lighter shell makes for a more efficient vehicle. All sounds good on paper and should mean that the 42 litre tank will see the car travel 500 miles.

A lighter body does mean that it feels a bit leaf-like in high winds or when a lorry overtakes. But overall it provides an enjoyable drive and its five-speed gearbox is smooth and decisive – among the best on the market.

Distinctive and attractive styling boosts the Mazda 2 package as you can in the video at It’s a good quality and well put together vehicle. But to me the rear wiper looks out of place and the rear washer could be better positioned as water seems to miss the wiper when cleaning the screen.

Source: Canada Free Press
Compiled By: Josh Martin

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