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Graffiti Bot Tags With Paintball Bullets – Mazda MX-5 Paint Ball Art

This is simply amazing art:

Very cool project by Michael Haas. Hass has created a graffiti writing paintball robot, entitled “Facadeprinter”.


The Facadeprinter is a simple robot. Its purpose: shooting out large scale graphics onto walls. Calculating movements based on digital artwork, software controlled motors position an airpressure-marker to fire thousands of colorballs and print the work on a distant surface. The artwork grows dot by dot, like the drawing of a magic pen. An inkjet-printer in architectonical dimensions.

Martin Fussenegger and Michael Haas, have invented a computer controlled air pressure bubble ink jet print system that reproduces graphics on an architectural scale, from up to 20 feet or 5 meters distant.

“The facadeprinter is a simple, software controlled robot. It consists of a two-axis turntable and a print head which is powered by compressed air. The printer shoots the picture dot by dot from a remote distance on a selected surface. Particularly inaccessible, format-less and uneven surfaces can be printed on. For example a building can be printed from the street, without having a complex scaffolding. The process of printing has a certain entertainment value. Moreover the facadeprinter is a comparatively cheap large-scale printing technology. Therefore it is an media and also a technical innovation. This new media is an unconventional tool for large-scale communication.”

Sources: Never the less nation and Trend Hunter

Complied By: Josh Martin


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