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Kia and the 2013 Warped Tour Roadies – Video Blog

December 7th: Band Announcements Begin And 2013 Tickets Go On Sale

5 days ago by WarpedBlog

Buy Early… Pay LESS , Buy Later… Pay MoreTickets for the 2013 Vans Warped Tour go on sale December 7th. This year there’s no holiday or presale offer. Instead we’re keeping it simple. BUY EARLY Pay Less…. A limited number of tickets start at $23 (Includes the 2013 Warped comp CD), and when tickets are gone, ticket prices roll up to the next price level, and so on. The earlier you buy, the less you pay. Tickets will be available here on the Warped site beginning on December 7th

This year , the 2013 Warped band announcements will first be made during the Fuse TV reality show “Warped Roadies” which premieres Friday, December 7th at 11pm ET/10pm CT. Visit to find your local listing information
Note: The 2013 Warped compilation CD is included in the $23 and next ticket level up (Ticket prices may vary per market). This year, the CD’s need to be picked up at the SideOneDummy tent at your local show. You must bring your ticket stub to claim your CD.

We’ll still be doing the jump the line passes which can be obtained at the show with a donation of canned food or $5 at the Feed Our Children NOW! tent located near the front entrance of each show

Source: Vans Warped Tour Blog

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One Text Or Call Could Wreck It All – Don’t text and drive

Video Produced By Mazda USA

To help address the issue and show first-hand the risks of texting while driving, AT&T is touring a state-of-the-art virtual reality simulator to demonstrate the dangers of texting while driving in 200+ locations by end of 2012.

We encourage you to share your stories with us, help spread the word about the risks in your communities with our tools and learn more about the laws in your area:*

To pledge your commitment to stop texting while driving, go to

* This link is to an external website not operated by AT&T Inc. or any of its affiliated companies.  AT&T is not responsible for the accuracy of its contents.

Source: A.T.T.

Complied By: Josh Martin

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