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01 Dec

Just the Facts:

  • Mazda says its next-generation Skyactiv-D 2.2L clean diesel engine will go on sale in Japan in spring 2012.
  • The diesel’s first application in Japan will be in the Mazda CX-5 crossover.
  • The Skyactiv-D engine will arrive at U.S. dealers in early 2013, Mazda tells Inside Line.

HIROSHIMA, Japan ā€” Mazda’s next-generation Skyactiv-D clean diesel engine will arrive at U.S. dealers in early 2013, a company spokesperson told Inside Line.

The 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel, the latest member of Mazda’s new Skyactiv family of fuel-saving powertrains, will go on sale next spring in Japan, where its first application will be in the Mazda CX-5crossover.

In the U.S., a Mazda spokesperson, responding to a query from Inside Line, said: “While I cannot divulge which Mazda vehicle will be outfitted with the Skyactiv-D 2.2L diesel for the U.S. market, I can say to expect that vehicle within the next 18 months.”

Mazda said the Skyactiv-D 2.2 is the world’s first passenger-car diesel to meet Japan’s tough new emissions standards without expensive aftertreatment technology to reduce nitrogen oxide.

Equipped with an idling-stop system, the Skyactiv-D 2.2 in the CX-5 will develop 310 pound-feet of torque, while returning average fuel economy of 44 mpg on Japan’s JC08 test cycle.

Source: Inside Line

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